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Summer Learning to Prevent Summer Decline

Summer Learning to Prevent Summer Decline

It is the end of the school year and everyone is excited about the much needed break! Teachers and students alike.  They are all looking forward to sleeping in late, no homework, no more testing and just being free to have fun! All of that sounds amazing, but we know that it comes at a cost.  Not just the financial cost of paying for summer camps and fun vacations, but also an academic cost. This is known as the dreaded “summer slide”.

What is Summer Slide

Summer slide happens when a student losses some of the knowledge they have gained over the course of the school year. It happens simply because most students don’t continue to practice skills over the summer. Logically, it makes sense.  As with anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

As a way to determine exactly how much the student is losing, researchers have looked at the difference in the students end of year and beginning of year MAP test scores.  The following charts show the results from 3-8 grades for Reading and Math.

As you can see, each summer (blue areas), there is a loss of 2-5 RIT points by the end of the summer.  When compared to the 4-16 point gain during the school year, the loss represents a whooping 20-50% of the school year gains lost! The data also shows that this loss increases as the students get older.

How Can We Prevent Summer Slide

Now you may ask, how do we prevent this from happening?  ULC Educational Support has an answer that won’t break the bank! All students need is to read and practice math facts for 15-20 a day. This will help them maintain and possibly gain academically over the summer. Our summer academic enrichment program is available for a low, one time flat fee that covers the ENTIRE summer!  Not only will your child be able to practice math and reading in a fun, interactive online program, but they will also have support from our staff by phone or online conference, and opportunities to win prizes!

We have limited slots available, so you don’t want to miss out! We are accepting registrations until June 15, to begin our program on June 17.




Summer Learning Loss: What We Know and What We’re Learning
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